September 17, 2011, Martinsburg, W.V., North American T-28C


The airplane sustained substantial damage at about 1434 Eastern time when it collided with terrain during a low altitude aerobatic maneuver. Visual conditions prevailed; the solo airline transport pilot was killed.

The intended 15-minute airshow routine of the accident flight consisted of six airplanes. The accident occurred during an opposing pass involving the accident airplane and another T-28. The pilot of the second T-28 reported he and the accident pilot were laterally displaced and flying towards each other. Their flight paths were to cross at 300 feet agl and then both were to perform an aileron roll. The second pilot was to roll to the right after crossing, while the accident pilot was to roll to the left. Video recorded the accident airplane pitching up and rolling left through approximately 270 degrees; however, from about the inverted position, the airplane began a nose-low descent which continued to ground impact.


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