September 21, 2008, Kenosha, Wis., Robinson R44 II


The helicopter was destroyed at about 0538 Central time when it impacted an occupied house and terrain. Instrument conditions prevailed at the time of the accident; no flight plan was on file. The private pilot and a passenger were fatally injured; the five occupants in the house were uninjured. Earlier, witnesses reported hearing but not seeing a helicopter that sounded “really low.” Reportedly, its “engine sounded like it was at low RPMs.”

The rear and lower portions of the helicopter cabin, inner portions of the fuel tanks and the transmission between the fuel tanks were deformed and melted by fire.

At 0534, weather recorded nearby included wind from 360 degrees at three knots, visibility statute mile, mist, an overcast at 100 feet, temperature 17 degrees C and dew point 16 degrees C.


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