September 23, 2009, Hilltop Lakes, Texas, Cessna T210


At about 2025 Central time, the airplane crashed into an unoccupied residence while executing a go-around. The airplane and the residence were destroyed in a post-crash fire and the solo pilot was fatally injured. Dark night visual conditions prevailed.

The runway lights were inoperative following a recent lightning strike; the pilot was attempting to line up on the runway using the runway edge reflectors. A witness received an in-flight cellular telephone call from the pilot and parked his car with the headlamps illuminating the runway.

The pilot acknowledged seeing the flashing car lights on the runway. The pilot then flew eastbound over the airport and was attempting a right turn to land on runway 34. Several witnesses said the pilot started a go-around at approximately 50 to 150 feet agl, but almost immediately started a descent. The airplane impacted trees on the right side of the runway and crashed into a residence with an immediate post-crash fire.


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