September 27, Concord, Mass. / Cessna 182


At 1103 eastern time, a Cessna 182T crashed while on approach to Hanscom Field, killing the pilot and passenger. The pilot was cleared for an ILS Rwy 11 approach and the pilot reported the outer marker inbound. At that point, the controller told the pilot the last two airplanes broke out at minimums. A minute later, the controller noted the airplane was not on the glideslope, gave the pilot the current altimeter setting and asked him to check his heading. Radar showed the airplane climbing and turning left. The controller asked the pilot his heading, and the pilot replied it was 330. The final approach course was 113. The controller told the pilot to execute the missed approach procedure, but the pilot did not know what the procedure was. The controller told him to maintain his current heading, which was then 180, and climb to 2,000 feet and contact approach. At that point the airplane disappeared from radar. During his last application for a second-class medical, the pilot had reported 2,600 hours total time, with 70 hours in the previous six months.


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