September 5, 2007, Cross City, Fla., Cessna 208B


At about 0533 Eastern time, the airplane impacted trees during a forced landing following loss of engine power. Visual conditions prevailed. The commercial pilot was not injured; the airplane incurred substantial damage.

While in cruise flight at 11,000 feet, the engine failed without warning. The pilot declared an emergency with ATC and was advised the closet airport was on a heading of 080 at 29 miles. He turned toward the airport and went through the engine-out procedures. Attempts to restart the engine were unsuccessful. The pilot set up the airplane for best glide speed; the glide was approximately 22 miles. When the airplane was about 300 feet agl, the pilot latched open the crew door, slowing the airplane to just above stall speed before impacting trees. Upon contact with the trees, he pulled back on the yoke and stalled the airplane. He was able to exit the airplane without assistance. The airplane came to rest 8.2 miles from the divert airport.


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