Broken And Cracked

The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Glasair II SGR

Broken Hydraulic Actuator Fitting

Before a touch-and-go landing, the pilot noticed did not receive a gear-down light for the left main gear. A safe landing was made, with minor damage and no


injuries. Upon examination, one of the left main landing gear actuator hydraulic fittings (p/n: MS20822) was found broken flush with the actuator housing. Examination of the gear well and the general layout of components show the flex hose may have been stress loaded while the gear was retracted.

Part Total Time: 1916.0 hours

Quicksilver Sport 2S

Failed Lift Strut Eyebolt

The left hand, aft wing strut attachment eyebolt pulled out of the threaded lift strut fitting, resulting in loss of vertical control. The pilot/owner landed in a tree and walked away; the aircraft was substantially damaged.

Investigation revealed the eyebolt was improperly installed in the lift-strut fitting. The assembly manual clearly specifies a minimum of 5/8-inch engagement of the eyebolt into the fitting. The accident eyebolt/fitting had 3/32-inch engagement.

Continental TSIO-520-NB

Failed Starter Adapter

The newly overhauled starter adapter failed less than ten hours after installation. A second overhauled unit failed in less than five hours. Analysis of both units revealed overheated and mangled clutch springs. Each had a collapsed coil that had wound around the shaft gear. In the first failure, the collapsed coil was cutting into the shaft gear. In the second, the collapsed coil had cut the shaft gear in half. Both cause significant oil contamination. The submitter strongly suspects starter motor run-on after engine start. (Starter p/n: 642085A17; clutch spring p/n: AS539800M015.)

Lycoming IO-360-C106

Broken Camshaft

The engine became rough after takeoff. The pilot returned for a safe landing. Investigation revealed the number one cylinder to be colder than the others. Eventually a cylinder was removed and the AEL18840 camshaft found broken. The fracture appears to originate at the base of the letters “E” and “L” of the stamped part number.

Part Total Time: 236.48 hours

Dukes Fuel Pump

Insufficient Pressure

Pump s/n 9693 failed; pump s/n 9888A was installed. During the Diamond DA40s second preflight, it produced insufficient pressure. The Diamond p/n is D41-2823-10-00-CS; the manufacturer p/n is 5100-00-9. Of 20 aircraft, 17 have had this part changed. Eleven have had it changed twice, and three aircraft three times each.

Part Total Time: 47.1 hours


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