Chronic Door Separation?

The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Bellanca 8KCAB

Failed Seat Hinge

(American Champion Aircraft Corporation provided the following defect report to the FAA.)

The rear seat (p/n 7-1500; revision B) failed at the left hinge point. The AN3 series bolt pulled through the hinge lugs, which are welded to the seat frame bottom. The right hinge holes show elongation, but remained intact. This aircraft was doing spin training at the time of the incident. Modifying the seat frame to current standards is recommended.

Part Total Time: 1290.0 hours.

Cessna 172S

Cracked Propeller Bulkhead

Repeated cracks have been found on the propeller bulkhead at the edge of the washer footprint. A material or hardware change may help resolve this problem.


Propeller bulkhead p/n: 0552231-1. According to the FAA, there are at least 15 similar entries in the agencys SDRS database.

Part Total Time: 570.0 hours.

Cessna T310Q

Failed Nose Gear Retraction Rod-end

When retracting the gear after takeoff the pilot heard a loud “crack” and the nose gear would not retract. The aircraft landed with the nose gear trailing aft; it collapsed (at touchdown). Inspection revealed the rod end under the pilots floor connecting the retract rod to the bell crank separated, causing the nose gear to become disconnected from the landing gear transmission.

Part Total Time: Unknown,

Diamond DA40

Aft Passenger Door Separation

(The following summarizes reports received by the FAA concerning repeat events on two separate aircraft.)

Aircraft A: In 2007, while taxiing into position on the runway, the aft passenger door departed the airframe. (Rear passenger door p/n DA4-5221-00-00-2.) In 2008, on takeoff climbout, the aft passenger door departed the airframe.

Part Total Time: 225.3/536.0 hours.

Aircraft B: At liftoff, the aft passenger door departed the airframe. After repairs and during an inspection in 2008, cracks were found in the aft passenger door hinge.

Part Total Time: 615.0/628.0 hours.

Piper PA23

Corroded Main Wheels/Bolts

During a routine inspection, the technician encountered difficulty removing the left main gear wheel assembly axle retaining nut. He stopped and deflated the tire. The wheel was then easily removed. The wheel was found to be severely corroded, with all but one wheel-half retaining bolt had failed. The wheel had last been disassembled 217 hours earlier.

Part Total Time: Unknown.


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