Cracked, Contaminated

The following information is derived from the FAA’s Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Beechcraft A36 Bonanza
Cracked Flap Nose Rib

During an annual inspection, a nose rib was found cracked in the right flap. It is the rib located directly beneath the attach bracket mounted on the skin (r/h flap p/n: 35-165050-79; nose rib p/n: 35-165050-84.
Part Total Time: 4069.2 hours

Cessna 340
Chafed Oil Pressure Tube

Engine oil was observed dripping out of the port side wing root. The ¼-inch aluminum oil pressure line (p/n 5600107-11) was routed over the top of a section of three-inch SCAT tubing. The SCAT tubing’s wire chafed a hole in oil pressure line. This airplane’s starboard line also was routed the same way and was rerouted to prevent chafing.
Part Total Time: 3765.0 hours


Piper PA-28-235
Cracked Rudder Bar Support

According to an FAA Inspector, this support assembly should have AN960 washers under the four AN3-4L bolts to help spread the load on the support assembly (p/n 63451-00. There are no washers shown in the parts list.
Part Total Time: (unknown)

Teledyne Continental Motors IO-360-KB
Contaminated Oil Pump

When the oil pump suction screen was removed during a 100-hour inspection, FOD was discovered, including a ¼-inch AN flat washer; two springs, small pieces of plastic and approximately ½ teaspoon of silicone globules. The oil pump housing was scored consistent with FOD having run through it. Oil pump drive gear (p/n 634010A) and impeller (p/n 633602B) were installed. The overhaul facility specifically stated compliance with TCM Service Bulletin 97-6, requiring replacement of these parts with new and replacement of the suction screen with an improved design. This was not done, as old style parts were found in the engine.
Part Total Time: 1823.0 hours

Marvel-Schebler MA-4SPA Carburetor
Loose Discharge Pump Tube

A Cessna 172P powered by a Lycoming O-320-D2J was subject to a precautionary landing as they were unable to retard the engine throttle below 2100 rpm. Technicians inspected and found the accelerator pump discharge tube had detached from its boss, then lodged between the throttle plate and the carburetor throat, inhibiting throttle movement. This carburetor (p/n: 10-5217) was shipped with an overhauled Lycoming engine.
Part Total Time: 1203.7 hours (since overhaul)


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