Quality Control


Beech A36
Incorrect Starter Adapter

A repair station mechanic states, “This aircraft came to our shop with smoke and oil coming out of the tailpipe. Four hours prior an annual inspection was completed and at that time the starter adapter was replaced with the wrong part.

This aircraft had been modified with a Tornado Alley Turbo Charger system. The STC requires the starter adaptor assembly be changed to p/n 642087A63, which includes an oil scavenge pump; p/n 652087A64 does not have a scavenge pump installed. The replacement part was ordered by engine serial number, not by the STC modified parts list. It is recommended when ordering parts for STC modified aircraft the STC holder is contacted for parts applicability.”

Part Total Time: 4.0 hours.


Cessna T182T
Chafing Fuel Injection Line

A repair station found the fuel injection line rubbing cylinder cooling fins, causing wear to the line (p/n LW12098-0-210). A fuel leak onto the turbocharger could have resulted. AD 2002-26-01 had been complied with but the clamp was loose, allowing the line to rotate.

Part Total Time: 101.4 hours.


Cessna 182T
Chafing Fuel Tube

Approximately 3.75 inches below the cabin floor aft of the fuel selector valve an elevator trim control cable was found chafing the bottom surface of a inch diameter fuel tube. Left uncorrected, the control cable would have cut through the fuel tube. The submitter believes the discrepancy was present from the factory. The fuel line was repositioned away from the control lines.

Part Total Time: 516.3 hours.


Cessna 206
Auxiliary Fuel Pump Failure

This fuel pump is located under the pilots side floorboards and is an electrically driven, auxiliary (boost) pump. This aircrafts original fuel pump (p/n A10055-B) failed after 53 hours in service. It failed in a way to allow fuel to enter the electric side of the motor. That was a major fire hazard.

The new, replacement pump was the same part number and lasted 112.3 hours when it began to make high-pitched noises on shutdown, as if a bearing was running dry.

Part Total Time: 112.3 hours.


Cessna 550
Zero Time Flap Motor Failure

The flap motor (p/n 9910055-4) experienced an out-of-box-failure immediately after installation. The motors internal brake mechanism malfunctioned in a manner so as to not allow it to release. This part was in no way airworthy and the submitter believes the malfunction should have been noticed at the repair station during the functional check.

Part Total Time: 0.0 hours.



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