The following information is derived from the FAA’s Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


Beechcraft Model 200 Super King Air
Cracked Windshield


The aircraft was descending when the pilot heard a loud “pop” from the copilot windshield (p/n 10138402522), which visual inspection revealed had cracked and shattered. Pilot requested “priority handling” and was informed he would be #6 for the runway. Due to factors such as night flight, unknown damage to copilot windshield and poor weather, the pilot declared an emergency and again requested priority handling, followed by an uneventful landing. Post-flight inspection revealed no obvious signs of foreign impact.
Part total time: 699 hours.

Beechcraft Model F33A
Bonanza Failed Circuit Breaker

Pilot reported the landing light inoperative. During troubleshooting, the technician found the circuit breaker to be at fault. No probable cause at this time. Replaced the circuit breaker and ops check okay. Part total time: 1398 hours.

Cirrus Design SR22 Failed Autopilot Pilot reported autopilot inoperative and ailerons flopping around much more freely than usual. Inspection revealed the roll/aileron trim motor (p/n 12546003S) actuator arm bungee had sheared off of motor drive shaft end. The autopilot failed when the trim motor broke since it could no longer drive the travel limits stop.
Part total time: 1459 hours.

Champion RHB32S Spark Plug
High Resistance

Installed massive electrode spark plugs IAW SB 11-05, which calls for mandatory replacement of fine-wire plugs. Now, 13 months and 310 hours later, the engine is misfiring in cruise. In checking resistance of 12 RHB32E plugs, most exceed 5000 Ohms. When replaced with a new plug from different manufacturer, the problem goes away.
Part total time: 310 hours.

Diamond Aircraft Industries DA42
Failed Prop Governor

Left engine did not restart after shutdown. When engine master switch turned on, the prop did not move or unfeather. Inspection revealed failed resistor, which was replaced, but the engine did not feather. System electronics check was good. Swapped governors and left engine would feather and unfeather while right engine would feather but not unfeather. Replaced left prop governor (p/n P87716). Ground check was good.
Part total time: unknown.

Bendix S6LN25 Magneto
Failed Cam Follower

Magneto quit producing spark. Troubleshooting revealed point timing had drifted and was impossible to reset. Plastic cam follower was found worn/melted. New parts installed; ops check was good.
Part total time: 26 hours.


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