Wear And Tear

The following information is derived from the FAAs Service Difficulty Reports and Aviation Maintenance Alerts.


American Champion 7GCAA Binding Aileron

The right aileron was binding during aerobatic maneuvers. Investigation revealed the clearance between the aileron and the aileron bay rib was approximately 1/16 inch. Per American Champion, it should be inch. The inboard aileron bay rib appeared to have bowed due to fabric shrinkage, causing the


interference. The aileron rib fabric was opened and the rib was relocated outboard 3/16 inch. Per the manufacturer, aileron balancing was not required. The aileron was reinstalled, with the clearance and operation satisfactory.

Part Total Time: 478.7 hours

Cessna T210M Broken Rudder Pedal Bearings

During a run-up, the pilots right rudder pedal exhibited an unusual feel while braking. Subsequent inspection revealed each of the pilots side inboard rudder pedal bearing halves (p/n S1675-1) had broken into several parts.

These bearing halves are constructed of plastic, and the likely reason for breaking would be due to its aging and embrittlement. Recommendations fabricating the bearings from a material other than plastic or a replacement interval.

Part Total Time: 2721.9 hours

Piper PA34-200T Worn Nose Gear Steering Mount

The nose landing gear mount assembly (p/n 95551-23) attachment point for the steering arm assembly (p/n 95395-00) was found with excessive wear at the lower mount hole. The Piper service manual does not specify a fix or allowable limits for the assembly. Service Bulletin 1123B gives the service limits to the steering arms center pivot bushings and center pivot sleeve. However, the more critical component-the nose gear mount assembly-is not addressed for the service limit of the steering arm mounting tabs. Piper should incorporate service limit and repair data covering the nose gear mount assembly.

Part Total Time: 4792.4 hours

Slick 4370 Magneto Broken Point Contact Arm

The arm for this magnetos contact points broke inboard of the points after only 133.1 hours time since installation. The magneto was installed on a Lycoming O-320E2D in a Cessna 172M. Point set p/n is M3081.

Part Total Time: 133.1 hours

Sky Tec Starter Shattered End Cap

A repair station technician discovered a shattered starter end cap. The station reports it is the third occurrence of this problem seen on Cessna 172S airplanes.

Part Total Time: 290.6 hours


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