December 2016 Issue

Aviation Safety 2016 Editorial Index

Accident Probe

"Anticipating Engine Failure," August

"Classic CFIT," May

"Cloak Of Invincibility," December

"Fifteen Miles," June

"Minimum Equipment," March

"Missing Flight Plan," October

"Aircraft Engine Oil Checks," January

"Running The Scud," April

"Spin Recovery Failure," September

"The Impossible Turn," February

"Too Much Automation?" November

"Unsecured Cargo," July

Aircraft Systems

"978 UAT Or 1090ES?" April

"Avionics Gremlins," May

"Braking Action," November

"Cylinder Failures," December

"Engine Induction System," March

"Aircraft Ground Handling," July

"Inoperative Equipment," June

"Jump-Starting ADS-B," August

"Air-Cooled Engines," January

"Keeping Your Cool," September

"Preventing In-Flight Fires," October

"Your Missing Traffic," February


"Density Altitude’s Trifecta," September

"Getting Tanked," April

"Keep It Clean," February

"Low-Level Flying," November

"Pattern Ops," May

"Phone Or ForeFlight?" August

"Run It Dry?" June

"Snow On The Runway," January

"Stop Scaring Your Passengers," March

"When The Earth Moves," December

"When The Juice Dries Up," October

Editor’s Log

"Accident Witness," September

"Best. Nordo. Ever." July

"For Whom The Toll Bills," December

"Go West, Young Man," August

"iPads To The Rescue!" October

"I’m Not That Good," June

"Legal Vs. Safe," March

"Multicom," May

"Privatize ATC?" February

"My Sport Does Not Assume My Net Worth," January

"Setting The Narrative," November

"The Worst Case," April

Instrument Flight

"IFR Behind a Glass Panel," August

"Course Reversals," July

"5 Reasons To Fire Your CFI-I," February

"Get An IPC Each Year?" September

"Glideslope Gouges," March

"IFR In The Mountains," June

"Not At Night," November

"Off The Beaten Path," October

"Pitot-Static System Failures," December

"RNAV Approach Types," April

"To File, Or Not To File," May

"Which IFR Emergencies Should We Practice?" January

Learning Experiences

"Distracted Flight Checks," August

"Fuel Burned," November

"Fuel Enough," April

"High And Dry," September

"Aviation Hydration," February

"Leaking Fuel Line," October

"Lessons Relearned: Emergency Aircraft Landings," January

"Local Knowledge," May

"Mean Mr. Mustard," December

"OPA," June

"When Aircraft Fuel Runs Out," March

"Three Strikes," July

Risk Management

"Rote Understanding and Flight Risk Management," August

"As Safe As The Airlines?" July

"Continued VFR Into IMC," January

"Getting Out Of Here," December

"High-Risk Flights," May

"Manufacturer Mandates," November

"On Getting To 50," September

"Precautionary Landings," April

"Procedural Noncompliance," March

"Revisiting JFK, Jr." June

"Two Pilots Better Than One?" February

"Where The Drones Are," October

Stick and Rudder

"Bottom Of The White," September

"Energy Management Basics," November

"Finding The Slot," May

"Going Around," January

"Mismanaging Flight Energy," December

"Off The Charts," March

"Pitch Trim Principles," April

"Proficiency On A Budget," July

"Aircraft Stalling," October

"Tailplane Stalls," August

"The Perils Of Forward CG," February

"3 Ways We Lose Control," July

"Turn Fundamentals," June

Special Report/Flight Planning

"Analyzing PBOR2," February

"Around The World," August

"Planning Plan B," March

"Replacing Area Forecasts," April

Quick Turns

"Airman Certification Standards On Deck," April

"Rated Pilots Get Easy Drone Certification," August

"Experimental Fatals Lower For 2015," February

"FAA Deregulation Picks Up Speed," June

"FAA Formally Begins Navaid Decommissioning," January

"FAA Updates Wx Guidance," October

"Fly-In Safety Highlighted," May

"Impaired Flying Targeted," November

"Medical Dereg A Reality," September

"NTSB Looking At Pirep Improvements," July

"Solid Red Means Hold," December

"Spin Off ATC?" March