April 02, 2004, Harrietstown, N.Y. / Piper PA-28R-180


At approximately 1925 Eastern time, the Piper Arrow impacted terrain while attempting the ILS Runway 23 approach to the Adirondack Regional Airport (SLK) in Harrietstown, N.Y. The private pilot and passenger were fatally injured and the airplane substantially damaged. Night IMC prevailed for the flight from Leesburg, Va. According to the NTSBs preliminary review of radar data, the airplane crossed the SLK VOR at 6000 feet and proceeded outbound, descending to 5000 feet. About nine miles from the SLK VOR, the airplane made a left turn, then turned to the right approximately 10 seconds later. The right turn continued until intercepting the final approach course for the Runway 23 localizer, where a gradual descent began, outside the final approach fix. The outbound minimum altitude from the SLK VOR, for the full approach, is 5000 feet. The airport elevation at SLK is 1,663 feet.


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