April 1, 2011, Sanford, Fla., Cessna 310F


At 1545 Eastern time, the airplane incurred substantial damage to its fuselage after the nosegear collapsed during landing rollout. The flight instructor (CFI) and his student were not injured. Visual conditions prevailed. The CFI later reported a loud “bang” was heard while retracting the landing gear after takeoff. The gear-up light illuminated, indicating the landing gear was retracted and the doors were closed.

Before the first landing, the gear was extended and a gear-down light was illuminated. A touch-and-go was executed without incident. Upon extending the gear for the second landing, the gear-down light failed to illuminate. The landing gear was cycled and the light gave a gear-up indication. Another gear extension was attempted but a gear-down indication was not received. After a tower fly-by, touchdown on the main gear was normal but the nose gear collapsed as weight was applied.


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