April 10, 2005, Jefferson, Texas / Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow


The airplane was destroyed when it impacted water following an in-flight collision with a power line while maneuvering near Jefferson, Texas. The Private pilot and two passengers were fatally injured in the accident, which occurred at approximately 1145 Central time. Visual conditions prevailed for the cross-country flight that originated from the Shreveport (La.) Regional Airport. One witness told the NTSB he heard the sound of a low flying airplane and observed the airplane lift up to avoid hitting the bridge. After passing over the bridge, the airplane started a turn to the right as one of the wings clipped the power line. Examination of the accident site revealed that the top static line oriented on an east-west heading, was sheared approximately mid-span across a 200-yard section of water. Debris from the airplane was spread throughout a 200 foot circumference from the main wreckage. Weather reported approximately 30 nm southwest of the accident site included visibility of 10 sm, few clouds at 3700 feet and a broken cloud layer at 4500 feet.


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