April 10, 2011, McComb, Miss., Cessna 310R


At 0434 Central time, the airplane was destroyed when it collided with trees during approach. The commercial pilot and two passengers received fatal injuries. Instrument conditions prevailed.

The flight was in radar and radio contact with ATC at 4500 feet msl. At 0423, the pilot reported he had the airport in sight and discontinued flight following. The airplane continued on a northwesterly track and overflew the airport for about four miles. The airplane then initiated a left turn; the last radar target was recorded at 0432, at 2600 feet msl. The wreckage was located near the intended runways extended centerline.

Reported weather at 0434 included wind from 180 degrees at six knots, eight miles visibility, a broken ceiling at 800 feet, a broken ceiling at 1200 feet and an overcast at 2900 feet.


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