April 2, 2005, Marion, Ohio / Cessna 182N Skylane


At 1630 Eastern time, the airplane was substantially damaged during a precautionary landing at the Marion Municipal Airport (MNN) following an encounter with in-flight icing. The Private pilot and three passengers aboard were not injured. Instrument conditions prevailed for the flight, which departed Morgantown, W.V., with an intended destination of Lambertville, Mich. Shortly after crossing into Ohio, the pilot elected to divert and was directed to MNN for the GPS Runway 24 approach. While on final approach to Runway 24 and at approximately 80 to 100 feet agl, the airplane began descending at a rate that could not be arrested by the pilot. The airplane impacted the ground about 250 feet short of the runway in a wings-level attitude, the nosewheel dug into the ground and the airplane flipped over, coming to rest inverted.


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