April 4, 2011, Ridgely, Md., Piper PA-28R-180 Arrow


The airplane was substantially damaged during landing at about 1800 Eastern time. The flight instructor (CFI), commercial pilot receiving instruction and commercial pilot-rated passenger were seriously injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

The CFI was providing instruction to the two commercial pilots. A witness driving past the airport saw the airplane making a “tight” left approach to the runway and was “very low.” Prior to reaching the runway, the left wing impacted the ground and the airplane “cartwheeled.” The airplane was examined at the site and the initial impact point was determined to be approximately 200 feet from the end of the runway. A nearby weather observation taken at 1755 included winds from 180 degrees at 22 knots gusting to 27 knots. Peak winds of 28 knots from 180 degrees were noted at 1758.


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