April 4, 2013, Phoenix, Ariz., Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP


The airplane was substantially damaged when it impacted airport terrain at about 0930 Mountain time during an attempted takeoff. The flight instructor (CFI), student pilot and passenger were uninjured. Visual conditions prevailed.

The CFI’s logbook showed about 303 hours; the student had logged about four hours. During the takeoff roll, the airplane began to veer to the right and the CFI instructed the student to correct to the left. The airplane then veered toward the left side of the runway while accelerating.

As the airplane crossed the runway centerline from right to left, the CFI took control and attempted to lift off. After liftoff, the airplane nose “dropped.” The airplane banked to the right and struck the runway. The airplane came to rest inverted. Reported weather included wind from 230 degrees at three knots, 10 miles’ visibility and clear skies.


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