August 11, 2009, Sanford, Fla., Beech C23 Sundowner


The airplane was substantially damaged during an attempted takeoff at about 0819 Eastern time. A student pilot was in the left seat and a private pilot was in the right seat; neither was injured. Both pilots declined to identify who was flying the airplane or the nature of the flight. Visual conditions prevailed.

The airplane was observed performing touch and go landings. The airplane landed and was beginning another takeoff when the accident occurred. The two pilots told first responders that, after the initial loss of directional control, both of them simultaneously attempted to manipulate the controls to regain directional control. Tire marks and ground scars indicate the airplane initially veered slightly beyond the left edge of the runway, and then crossed the runway and continued into the grass beyond its right edge. The airplane traveled several hundred feet beyond the point where it initially departed the right edge of the runway, and came to rest south of the taxiway that paralleled the runway.


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