August 24, Piqua, Ohio / Beech King Air


At about 06:40 eastern time, a Beech BE-200 crashed on approach to Piqua Airport, killing the pilot. The airplane had been based at a nearby airport and had been chartered for a 06:30 flight by Hartzell Propeller. The chief pilot for Hartzell Propeller, who resides near the airport, said he awoke at 04:30 and discovered fog outside. He drove to the airport to prepare a company airplane to make the flight in case the King Air could not make it in. The accident pilot telephoned and asked about the fog, and the chief pilot said he would be at the airport with a handheld radio. The airplane appeared over the airport at 06:20, but the fog had thickened. The accident pilot said he would circle for a little while to see if the fog improved, and at 6:40 said he would fly an approach. The airplane crashed while on final approach about 2,000 feet from the approach end of runway 26.


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