August 26, Matawan, N.J. / Cessna Skyhawk


At about 20:30 eastern time, a Cessna 172SP struck wires and crashed after a touch-and-go at Marlboro Airport, killing the pilot and passenger. Witnesses said the airplane had been flying locally for about 15 minutes when it returned and appeared to approach runway 9 for landing. The airplane did not touchdown until it was well beyond the approach end of runway 9, almost to the number 27 at the opposite end of the 2,156-foot runway. After touchdown, the engine revved and the airplane climbed, but it veered left and struck utility wires and crashed. The flaps were found extended, but no evidence of pre-impact malfunction was found on the aircraft. The wind at a nearby airport was recorded as 210 degrees at 8 knots. The pilot had been issued his private certificate four days earlier.


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