December 2, 2012, Albemarle, N.C. – Cessna 172F Skyhawk


The airplane sustained minor damage and a student pilot received a serious ground injury when his left arm came into contact with the propeller following engine start at about 1315 Eastern time. The CFI was not injured; visual meteorological conditions prevailed.

After practicing touch-and-go landings, the CFI and student performed a full-stop landing, taxied to the ramp and shut down the airplane. About 15 minutes later, both pilots returned to the airplane for another flight; however, the airplane’s battery was depleted and the engine would not start. After jump-starting the airplane with the CFI in the cockpit, its owner secured the cowling while the student pilot remained outside. Subsequently, the owner and the CFI heard a sound from the engine area and noticed the student pilot running from the front of the airplane.


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