December 24, Egypt, Ark. / Beech Baron


At approximately 0954 central time, a Beech BE-58 crashed after an uncontrolled descent near Egypt, killing the pilot. The pilot was on an IFR flight plan from Cherokee Village, Ark., to Jonesboro, Ark., with a planned time en route of 35 minutes and six hours of fuel on board. His preflight weather briefing included reports of low ceilings and pilot reports of icing from 2,300 feet to 3,300 feet. There was also an Airmet for icing and turbulence. Shortly after takeoff the pilot reported icing at 4,800 msl and requested a descent to 4,000, which was approved. A few minutes later, he asked for a deviation to land at Walnut Ridge Regional Airport and was cleared for an instrument approach into the airport. Shortly afterward the airplane dropped from radar. Weather at the time was reported as visibility of 1 sm, overcast ceiling at 800 feet and temperature and dewpoint identical.


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