November 12, Vineyard Haven, Mass. / Mooney Ovation


At about 1955 eastern time, a Mooney M20R crashed into the Atlantic Ocean about five miles south of Marthas Vineyard Airport. The pilot and a passenger were presumed killed. The airplane was cleared for the VOR Runway 6 approach and descended to about 200 feet, and then began a climbing right turn to an altitude of 700 feet before radar contact was lost. A pilot who had landed at MVY about 15 minutes prior to the accident using the same approach said he had no problems tracking the VOR. His flight broke out at 700 feet with 2 to 3 miles of visibility in moderate rain. The accident pilot reported two miles out and asked if someone could confirm the runway lights were on, but they were not. The accident pilot then activated the lights and the witness confirmed they were on. The witness said the weather conditions were the same as during his approach except the rain had intensified. A weather observation taken at 1953 included visibility 2 miles with heavy rain and mist, and broken ceilings at 600 feet and 1,100 feet, with an overcast at 1,800 feet.


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