February 15, 2010, Farmingdale, N.J., Cessna T337G Skymaster


At about 1548 Eastern time, a section of the airplanes outer right wing separated while it overflew a runway. The three adults and two minors aboard were killed; the airplane incurred substantial damage. Visual conditions prevailed. The flight had originated five minutes earlier from the same airport.

Several witnesses observed the airplane fly down the runway with its landing gear retracted at an estimated altitude of 50 feet agl, and at a much higher speed than normal for an airplane that low. The airplane was about one-third of the way down the runway when a section separated as its nose pitched up. The airplane rolled and banked to the right, away from the runway, then impacted the ground. It continued sliding, rolling and shedding debris before coming to a stop inverted.

Recorded radar data at 15:47:00 showed the airplane at 600 ft msl and at a groundspeed of 171 knots. A six-foot section of the outboard right wing was located on the runway, along with small debris from the right wing. A section of the right aileron was located to the left of the runway and parallel to the separated right wing section. The outboard right wing section separated at approximately wing station 177. The horizontal flange of the forward spar upper cap exhibited downward bending of approximately 60 degrees.


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