February 17, 2011, Levelland, Texas, Cessna 182P


The airplane was destroyed at about 2040 Central time during a loss of control following a touch-and-go maneuver. The private pilot and one passenger were fatally injured; the two remaining passengers sustained serious injuries. Night visual conditions prevailed.

An individual in a house approximately 1100 feet west of the accident site later reported hearing an airplanes engine either accelerate or decelerate, followed by a “thud” sound. The witness went outside to see if there had been an airplane crash at the nearby airport but failed to notice anything unusual. About 30 minutes later, one of the surviving passengers was able to crawl to her neighbors house for help.

The airplane came to rest in an inverted position 3045 feet from the runways approach end and approximately 62 feet east of the runways edge. There was no evidence of a post-crash fire.


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