February 3, 2006, N. Myrtle Beach, S.C. / Beech 200 Super King Air


At 2045 Eastern time, the airplane crashed while on final approach to Runway 23 at the Grand Strand Airport. Visual conditions prevailed. The Airline Transport-rated pilot, and five passengers received fatal injuries; the airplane was destroyed. According to witnesses, the airplane made two approaches. During the first approach the airplane was observed fish-tailing while about 30 feet over the runway. The airplane appeared to regain control but continued flying over the runway until passing the control tower, at which time the airplane began a climbing left turn. The pilot told ATC that his left engine kept power up a little too much and would not come back. The witnesses observed the airplane circle the airport to the left, and watched it line up for a second approach. The airplane descended to the runway and, without any indication of trouble, climbed and rolled left, went inverted and nosed down into the grass to the left of the runway and burst into flames.


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