February 5, 2005, Norwich, N.Y. / Beech V35B


The Bonanza was destroyed at about 1242 Eastern time when it impacted terrain while its pilot was attempting to execute a forced landing. The Private pilot was fatally injured; visual conditions prevailed. A witness reported no engine anomalies and plenty of fuel aboard the airplane. Local weather was beautiful: wind calm, sky clear, and no visible moisture. Other witnesses reported that while the airplane was on the downwind leg, the engine started running rough, and it appeared the pilot may have been maneuvering to land on a road. One witness stated that when the airplane was approximately 90 feet agl, it did a half a barrel roll before impacting the ground. According to maintenance records, the airplane was manufactured in 1976, was equipped with the original engine, and no record of the engine being overhauled was identified.


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