Jan. 11, Fort Worth, Texas / Dehavilland Twin Otter


At approximately 16:14 central time, a Dehavilland DHC-6-300 crashed after a dual engine failure during the ILS Runway 34R approach to Meacham Airport. The three occupants were not injured. The pilot said the airplane was fueled at Alexandria, La. the day before the accident. On the day of the accident, the passengers were planning to deplane in Fort Worth and he was going to continue to Houston. After he was cleared for the approach and nearing the glideslope intercept, the right engine surged and quit, followed by the left engine. The pilot was unable to make the nearest airport and landed in a field, where the airplane struck a tree and a dirt berm. Inspection showed the aft main tank, which feeds the left engine, was one-third to one-half full and the forward main tank, which feeds the right engine, was 90 percent full. The right wing tank was leaking and the left wing tank was empty. The fuel selector for the main tanks was found in the NORMAL position, which fed the engines from the main tanks.


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