Jan. 25, Trenton, Maine / Cessna 120


At 16:30 eastern time, a Cessna 120 was damaged during takeoff from Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport. The pilot was not injured. The pilot said the purpose of the flight was to practice takeoffs and landings on the snow in the ski-equipped aircraft. He had departed Bar Harbor earlier in the day and successfully performed a landing and subsequent takeoff from a nearby frozen lake. He said he returned to Bar Harbor and performed several takeoffs and landings in the snow-covered infield adjacent to Runway 35. During the final takeoff, the tip of one ski sank into the snow and the airplane flipped. The pilot reported 130 hours and 30 hours in the Cessna 120, 12 hours of which were on skis. He said he had never received any formal instruction on ski operations.


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