July 1, 2006, Ringgold, Ga. / Cessna 172H


At 1131 Eastern time, the airplane was substantially damaged after a total loss of engine power on initial takeoff climb. Visual conditions prevailed; the Commercial pilot reported serious injuries. The accident flight was the first after completing an annual inspection. When they arrived at the airport, the two co-owners noticed the left wing was lower than the right wing and fuel was draining out of the fuel vent. The fuel selector valve then was turned to the right main fuel tank position. The left main fuel tank was full; an estimated six gallons was present in the right tank. After takeoff, the pilot initiated a right crosswind turn. The engine quit and the pilot attempted to move the fuel selector valve to the left main fuel tank position. The shoulder harness was locked and he could not reach the fuel selector valve. The pilot made a forced landing straight ahead into trees.


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