July 20, 2008, San Jose, Calif., Cessna TR182/Extra EA 300/L


The two aircraft collided on the ground at about 1530 Pacific time. There were no injuries. The Extra sustained minor damage, and the Cessna sustained substantial damage to its tail section. Visual conditions prevailed.

After landing and exiting at Delta taxiway, ATC directed the Cessna pilot to hold short of taxiway Zulu. The pilot then received clearance to taxi to parking via taxiway Zulu. While reading back the clearance, the pilot felt the airplane “jump and shutter” and saw debris fly from behind him into his propeller.

The Extra pilot, after landing, followed ATC instructions to exit the runway to taxiway Delta and hold short of Runway 31R. During the turn onto Delta, he saw the Cessna ahead on the taxiway, holding short of Zulu. About one minute later, he was cleared to cross Runway 31R, hold short of taxiway Zulu, and contact ground control. He taxied about 50 yards on taxiway Delta. He stated the Extras nose blocked his forward view, and he did not perform S-turns to identify if any obstacles were in front of him. The pilot was taxiing with idle power when the propeller of his airplane collided with the tail, rudder and elevator of the Cessna.


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