July 21, 2008, Salt Lake CIty, Utah, Beech A200


At about 1430 Mountain time, the airplane suffered a landing gear malfunction resulting in a gear-up landing. The FAA was operating the public-use airplane; the two airline transport pilots were uninjured. The airplane sustained substantial damage to its lower fuselage; visual conditions prevailed.

The pilot-in-command reported that, after takeoff and obtaining a positive rate of climb, he selected the gear-up handle. The pilot observed the three green lights extinguish and the red “gear transit” light illuminate, but the landing gear did not retract. He attempted to recycle the gear, which failed to lock in the down position. During the ensuing landing, at about 45 knots, all three landing gear partially retracted, resulting in the airplane sliding down the runway. Subsequently, the 60-amp thermal circuit breaker for the landing gear motor was found tripped. The landing gear motor and landing gear transmission will be recovered for further examination.


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