July 23, Fryeburg, Maine / Lancair IV-P


At 09:33 eastern time, a homebuilt Lancair IV-P lost power and was damaged during a forced landing in Fryeburg. The pilot and passenger were not injured. The pilot said he was climbing through 8,000 feet for 14,500 feet, when the manifold pressure, which had been about 34 inches, dropped to about 15 inches. He turned toward Eastern Slopes Regional Airport but touched down about 100 feet short of the runway with partial landing gear extension. The pilot reported that he had just completed his phase 1 flight time requirements and had inspected the airplane. During the inspection, several people, some of whom were not rated mechanics, assisted the pilot. The engine cowling had been removed, and paper towels were used as wipes on various parts of the engine and airplane. Several paper towels were reported to be lying loose on the ground at the completion of the inspection. The accident flight was the first flight following the inspection.


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