July 3, 2006, Dorris, Calif. / Piper PA28-181


The airplane collided with terrain during an attempted go-around at about 1140 Pacific time. The renting Private pilot and three passengers were not injured; the airplane sustained substantial damage. Visual conditions prevailed. During a landing attempt, the airplane crossed the approach end of the runway at 50 feet agl. The airplane rolled suddenly to the left and the stall warning horn briefly sounded. The pilot initiated a go-around by applying full power, retracted the flaps to 25 degrees and attempting to correct the airplanes left turning tendency with right rudder input. The airplane continued to descend and touched down on its main landing gear in a field about 100 yards west of the runway. The left wing dug into the ground and the airplane spun 90 degrees to the left before coming to a stop. The calculated density altitude at the time of the accident was 6313 feet.


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