July 3, 2007, Carlsbad, Calif., Beech E90


At about 0606 Pacific time, the airplane collided with power lines during takeoff. The Private pilot and the Commercial-pilot passenger sustained fatal injuries; one person on the ground sustained minor injuries. The airplane was destroyed. A weather observation taken less than 20 minutes before the accident included calm winds, an indefinite ceiling at 100 feet and visibility of mile.

After departing Runway 24, the airplane collided with a power line about 55 feet agl. The airplane traveled another 50 feet before colliding with the bottom two lines of an electrical tower at 50 feet agl. These power lines were 1-inch in diameter and carried 230,0000 volts. The two power lines wrapped around the propeller blades of both engines and the wires were continuous to the wreckage. The airplane came to rest about 300 yards from the transmission tower after leaving debris and ground scars on the fairway and green of a golf course under development. The debris path was along a magnetic bearing of 270 degrees.


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