June 11, 2011, Ukiah, Ore., Bellanca 17-31ATC


The airplane was substantially damaged when it descended rapidly from cruise flight and impacted terrain at about 1601 Pacific time. The owner-pilot and the two passengers were fatally injured.

According to radar data, the airplane followed a curving course to the southeast for 28 miles after takeoff, then tracked straight for 53 miles on a course of 084 degrees true. Its indicated altitude was 13,500 feet. The airplane then turned south, leveled at about 14,500 feet and flew another 43 miles before it made a course reversal to the left. Approximately two minutes later, the airplane began a rapid descent, and the last radar target was recorded at 1601, about 1800 feet from the wreckage location.

According to FAA records, the pilots most recent medical certificate was issued in February 1999. The regional radar mosaic at the time of the accident depicted an area of light-intensity echoes at five to 20 dBZ extending over the area. Airmets for icing above 10,000 feet and mountain obscuration were current for the flight track, accident time and location.


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