June 11, Honesdale, Pa. / Cessna Centurion


At about 10:10 eastern time, a turbine-powered Cessna P210N crashed during a forced landing in Honesdale, killing the two pilots and one passenger. The airplane was equipped with an STCd Allison 250-B1F2 engine that had been installed in 1992 by O&N Aircraft Modifications. The company was handling the sale of the airplane after the owner lost his medical. O&N had had the airplane for about a week before the accident. An O&N pilot wrote up some maintenance discrepancies, including an engine vibration at high rpm, but none of the squawks appeared noteworthy and the previous owner had not reported any engine difficulties. The airplane had not flown again since its arrival. Several witnesses reported seeing the airplane trailing flames and white smoke. The airplane apparently hit a stone wall as it tried to make a forced landing. The prop was feathered and the engine controls were consistent with an in-flight shutdown. The engine showed signs of internal failure. The airplane had a recent history of hitting trees at the end of a runway and a gear-up landing. Substantial engine/propeller work had been done in April 2000, and the airplane had flown 25 hours since then.


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