June 13, 2004, Rupert, W.V. / Beech King Air 200


The King Air was destroyed at about 0830 Eastern time when it impacted Big Mountain, near Rupert, W.V. The Airline Transport Pilot and Commercial pilot board were fatally injured. Instrument conditions prevailed near the accident site; no flight plan had been filed for the positioning flight from Summersville, W.V., to Lewisburg, W.V. According to an FAA inspector, the flightcrew intended to meet passengers at Lewisburg and take them to Charlotte, N.C. Prior to the flight, the flightcrew obtained a weather briefing and filed an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plan for the second leg of the trip to Charlotte. However, the flightcrew did not file a flight plan for the first leg of the trip to Lewisburg. The inspector added that an IFR flight to Lewisburg required a reservation. Lewisburg is located about 16 nm southeast of the accident site, at a field elevation of 2302 feet msl. The reported weather at Lewisburg, at 0822, included visibility of seven miles, scattered clouds at 1300 feet and a ceiling of 2000 feet.


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