June 14, 2009, Glenville, N.Y, Piper PA-28R-180 Arrow


The airplane was substantially damaged at 1421 Eastern time when it collided with the Mohawk River shortly after takeoff. Visual conditions prevailed. The flight instructor, student pilot and one passenger were killed.

A witness watched the pilot make two approaches and decided to pay attention to the takeoff. “As he did his takeoff roll, he kind of ran out of runway. He lifted off barely above the weeds at the end of the runway and began to sink in the air towards the river. He pulled the nose up sharply, stalled the aircraft and the tail slid into the river.” Examination of the airframe, flight controls, engine assembly and accessories revealed no evidence of a pre-crash mechanical failure or malfunction. The flaps were found retracted, not in the partially extended position for a short-field takeoff, and the landing gear was extended.


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