June 15, 2011, Nashville, Tenn., Cessna 525A Citation Jet 2


The airplane was substantially damaged at about 1718 Central time during a runway overrun. The airline transport pilot and four passengers were not injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

As the airplane approached the airport, one of its owners-a student pilot-was in the right seat and at the controls. On sighting the airport, the pilot informed the student pilot they were “high and hot” and he needed to “get down and slow down.” The student pilot responded by telling the pilot this “landing is yours.” The pilot took the controls, configured the airplane for landing and “started a steep approach.” The airplane touched down about 1500 feet down the wet, 5500-foot-long runway. The airplane then overran the runway and struck the instrument landing system antennas. The left main landing gear collapsed, and structural damage to the wings was evident.


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