June 18, 2011, Armonk, N.Y., Cessna T210N Turbo Centurion


The airplane was destroyed following a collision with trees and terrain at about 1303 Eastern time. The commercial pilot and three passengers were fatally injured. Visual conditions prevailed; an IFR flight plan was filed and active.

A pilot reported observing the accident pilot perform about eight engine run-ups prior to departure. He stated it sounded like the pilot was trying to clean the spark plugs or he was having trouble with the magnetos firing properly. During the first few run-ups, the engine made a “chugga-chugga” sound, and then smoothed out during the final two or three run-ups prior to departure. Shortly after takeoff, the pilot reported he needed to return and declared an emergency. The wreckage was located in a wooded area about one mile north-northeast of the approach end of the runway.


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