June 23, 2011, Valparaiso, Fla., Beech C24R Sierra


The airplane collided with the parking ramp while attempting to land at 0444 Central time. Night visual conditions prevailed. The flight instructor and private pilot receiving instruction were killed. The airplane was destroyed by a post-crash fire.

At 04:34:46, the flight was cleared for the option to land on Runway 1. At 04:37:44, the flight requested a right turn to 2000 feet and a “high key” simulated engine failure approach to Runway 1. At 04:44:05, the pilot stated he was doing another 360-degree turn for Runway 1. No further communications were received.

Witnesses observed the airplane flying very low over a hangar. They then heard its engine begin to sputter and the airplane nose-dived toward the ramp. An increase in engine power was heard before impact, followed by a loud bang and flames.


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