June 25, 2004, Dalhart, Texas / Piper PA-32R-300


At approximately 1545 Central time, the airplane substantially damaged during a forced landing following a loss of engine power. No one among the Private pilot and three passengers aboard the airplane was injured. Visual conditions prevailed for the cross-country flight that departed Raton, N.M., with Seminole, Okla., as its destination. At 10,400 feet during cruise climb, the engine lost power. The pilot later stated that he switched fuel tanks, pushed the throttle full forward, cycled the magnetos, and turned the boost pump on. The engine did not regain power, so the pilot initiated emergency procedures and informed ATC that he would make an emergency landing. During the forced landing in a pasture, the left main gear sheared off And the left wing and right wingtip exhibited structural damage. The fuselage was wrinkled, and the firewall was buckled. The fuel selector was found positioned on the left tank. Both fuel tanks contained a bluish color of fuel.


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