June 7, 2010, Edenton, N.C., Beech 60 Duke


At 1933 Eastern time, the airplane was substantially damaged when it impacted trees and terrain shortly after takeoff. The commercial pilot sustained serious injuries; the flight instructor was killed. Visual conditions existed for the instrument proficiency check.

After two hours of ground and flight instruction, the pilot began a takeoff while the flight instructor controlled the throttles. After liftoff, at about 200 feet agl, the flight instructor retarded the left throttle. The airplane began to veer to the left and the pilot reached for the left throttle to add power; however, the flight instructors hands remained on the throttles. The pilot recalled a visible split in the throttle positions. The airplane continued to roll to the left but the pilot was able to level the wings just prior to impacting trees. After ground impact, the airplane caught fire.


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