June 8, 2006, Provo, Utah / Lancair IV-P Experimental


The turbine-powered aircraft was destroyed and all three occupants fatally injured at approximately 2345 Mountain time on impact with Utah Lake during final approach to land. Night visual conditions prevailed. Preliminary review of data recorded by onboard systems revealed that at 23:43:54, the aircraft was aligned for landing and was approximately 1.5 miles from the threshold. Altitude was about 750 feet above the runway; an indicated airspeed of 210 knots and a descent rate of 1900 fpm were recorded. At 23:44:06, the aircraft began a right turn. Airspeed was 197 knots and the descent rate 1300 fpm. As the right turn continued, the airspeed decayed. The final data point was recorded at 23:44:43: The aircrafts heading was some 200 degrees off the runways alignment. Altitude was 70 feet above the runway, airspeed was 123 knots and the descent rate was 1300 fpm.


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