March 07, Keene, N.H. / Cessna Skyhawk


At about 13:10 eastern time, a Cessna 172S struck a snow bank during a landing rollout at Dillant-Hopkins Airport. The pilot was not injured. A Notam reported Dillant-Hopkins runway conditions as clear, with patches of packed snow and ice. Because of the runways length and the reports of patches of snow and ice, the pilot kept his feet off the brakes, and expected a long rollout. About 500 feet into the rollout, the right main tire lost traction, and the aircraft began to yaw, then slowly veer and skid to the left. The pilot noted that in the area where he had lost control of the airplane the runway had appeared to be covered with packed snow. However, after the accident, the pilot saw that there had actually been three patches of slushy wet snow.


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