March 16, 2013, Leesburg, Fla., Mooney M20F Executive 21


The airplane was substantially damaged during a gear-up landing at about 1130 Eastern time. The commercial pilot was not injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

The pilot reported that while practicing slow flight, he attempted to extend the flaps and landing gear. The flaps extended, but he heard a “snap” and the landing gear did not extend. Additionally, there was no cockpit indication of the landing gear being retracted or extended. Utilizing the pilot operating handbook, he cycled the landing gear with no success. He then attempted the emergency landing gear extension procedure, also with no success.

The pilot subsequently performed a low pass, and control tower personnel confirmed the landing gear was not extended. The pilot then performed a gear-up landing on a grassy area; the airplane came to rest upright but sustained substantial damage to its empennage.


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