March 16, Palm Coast, Fla. / Piper Seneca


At about 15:10 eastern time, a Piper PA-34-200 struck trees and caught fire while on approach to runway 24 at Flagler County Airport. The commercial rated-check pilot, the commercial rated-pilot, and commercial rated-pilot/passenger reported serious injuries. The flight was intended to give two company instructors multi-engine instructor standardization check rides. The check pilot was in the left seat at the time of the accident, the right seat pilot was taking the check ride. The pilot/passenger was in the right middle seat and was observing. Witnesses said the airplane was flying low above the trees, then pitched nose low, struck trees and crashed on a four-lane road. Post-crash investigation determined the right engine fuel selector was in the OFF position in the cockpit and at the wing selector valve. The right propeller was found feathered. The left engine displayed only slight rotational damage. Due to the degree of injury to all three occupants, none was able to talk with investigators. However, the check pilots wife said her husband told her there were no mechanical problems with the airframe or engines.


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